What is passion

What is passion in your life is definitely a topic worth exploring. It can transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

Today we will explore :

  • When you know you have found your passion.
  • What it feels like to be passionate.
  • The mindset that comes with knowing what is passion.
  • How to nurture and nourish your passion.
  • The amazing courage and possibilities of  living a passionate life.
  • In conclusion living without passion is not really living.
What is passion

What is passion

The above quote by John Wesley really sums it up. When you live with passion you are radiating at a higher energy level. This ignites anything you do. It has this magic attraction that is desired by everyone and everything. It has the capacity to transcend mere mortals and help you reach for the stars.

What is passion can be best defined as an inner glow 

The inner glow of a laser focus that is oblivious to any distractions.  You build a protective bubble around you so that your passion can be nurtured, nourished and allowed to realize it’s full potential. Once that bubble is built it is impervious to any damage or negativity. Nothing can penetrate and put it off course. You will make it happen no matter what.

So how do you know what your passion is? 

It’s all about how you feel! You will know  you have found your passion if all of  a sudden a fire has been stirred up inside of you. At first it feels as if you’re restless and then it becomes stronger and gives you courage to continue even when things get tough. The more resistance you come up against the more you know that you have to forge on. Going back and retreating to the safety of a comfortable life is no longer an option. The restlessness becomes a wave of emotion and that fire within becomes stronger.  Self doubts and fear leave you. You feel invincible and a fierce determination takes over every aspect of your body and soul. Your mind takes over and magnetizes all you need to succeed in your direction.

The mindset that comes with knowing what is passion.

This is where it all begins, for to know what passion is takes a special mindset shift. You can no longer just allow your thoughts to run  a muck as if you are playing Russian Roulette. You must take control of them you have to know what you are thinking. When you know what you are thinking  then you can direct your thoughts to discovering what passion is. This becomes a process of personal discovery.

You have to get to know who you are. What your life is all about? Who has influenced your life up until now? Has this been what you have always truly desired or are you just trying to please loved ones? The questions will keep coming. You must deal with each one honestly and with a desire to find the truth. There are no quick fixes here. I suggest you begin with some form of a personal discovery course. There are many books written about this. Seek them out. You can also get involved with a mentor or  a coach to help you sort out the questions that will keep challenging your journey to discovering what passion is.

How to nourish and nurture your passion.

Once you know what passion is then it’s time to bring it into existence. Nourishing and nurturing your passion is all about living it. You see once you know what your passion is then your creative imagination will provide you with hunches ideas and inspiration to keep your fire burning. It is then up to you to stay focused and fuel that fire.  There will be set backs. At times you will feel like you’re going backwards instead of towards your passion. Don’t be discouraged. You are being tested to see how strong and definite you are to burn the ships of retreat and to keep forging ahead to your ultimate prize of living out your passion.

The nay sayers will have their say . Negativity and self doubt will also try to discourage you. It will take every ounce of effort and courage on your part to remain confident that following your passion is worthwhile.

You will have to decide if this is what you truly want out of life.

To blaze a trail where no one else has gone before you takes courage.

what is passion

what is passion

People who have led a passionate life light up your world are like a beacon in the sky. Not only do they  leave an amazing mark on the world and change it for the better but they show all of you what is possible.

Their example lights up the path to realize what is possible for your own life. The whole journey is one of amazing discovery and courage. You will be walking upon new paths and blazing new trails. It must be this way because you are unique and what passion is for you cannot be copied by anybody else. Does that make sense to you!

I hope so because if you have managed to read this far then you must be ready to begin blazing your own path to what passion is for you.

If you need more information about this please email me at loddymic@gamil.com or leave a comment or question and I will do my best to provide you with the information you require.

In conclusion not knowing what passion is for you is living a life of survival and not knowing what it feels like to be inspired from within.

Don’t settle for this! Do great work and love what you do for this is  what you were meant to do.

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