What is the never give up community

What is the never give up community

What is the never give up community

Last night I was talking to my business partners from the United Kingdom. Their names are Larry Lewis and Neil Haywood  our discussion centered around The new Never Give up Community we are launching shortly.

What actually is “The Never Give Up Community” was the topic of conversation.

We believe that people go through life experiencing change and that their response to this change determines how their life pans out.

“The Never Give Up Community” delivers a message of hope and provides a helping hand for you to move forward again.

Have you faced adversity without anybody to support you?

“The Never Give Up Community” will be there for you to turn your darkest periods around and see the possibilities that are presented to you in your time of need.

This is something you cant do on your own when you are caught up in the tumultuous proceedings of wanting to give up.

It can happen when you are faced with

  • financial crisis 
  • emotional crisis
  • personal crisis
  • mid life crises
  • career change
  • family break downs
  • dramatic changes in your life
  • moving out of your comfort zone

Have you, not known where to turn when any of the above unwanted bed fellows suddenly decide to make an appearance in your life?

How did you cope?

Did you revert to blaming others and feeling sorry for yourself. I know I certainly did. My separation from my ex wife and the mother of my children certainly took its toll on me. It was a challenging stage of my life and all my so called friends seemed to disappear. Rebuilding my life was a struggle but it could have been easier if I had a group of like minded people to turn to and listen to my story.

There was no one until I joined a mastermind group of entrepreneurs who were studying “think and grow rich” by Dr. Napoleon Hill. It is here I felt that somebody cared  and truly believed I could rebuild my life and reinvent myself.

The founder had this way of making you feel that he and his wife truly believed in your amazing capacity to succeed if only you believed in yourself. In fact the message that came in their signature line with any correspondence I received was, “we will believe in you until you believe in yourself”. This sincere message enabled me to heal and reinvent my life as an online entrepreneur.

So when I am asked what is “The Never Give Up Community” the answer would have to surely be a  community of like minded people who have suffered failure in their lives. A group of people who are sharing their stories and learning to face life all over again.

This time they are not on their own and there are people who sincerely believe they can rebuild their lives and become the successful people they were meant to be.

What is unique about this community.

You will have the benefit of learning the never give up teachings. These will be presented on a weekly basis with a follow up webinar.

You will be able to gain an insight of how other people have turned their life around by using the never give up teachings.

Life coaches will be there to believe in you and provide valuable one on one coaching if you request it.

You may want to delve into each teaching with the support of a mastermind group to heighten your experience.

You will never walk the road from failure to success alone. The helping hand you will receive is there to guide you and let you know that their is hope.

In a nutshell what is “The Never Give Up Community”can be best answered by:

It is a safe place for you to belong to. One where you will receive a helping hand to take you from failure to success again.


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