What is your autosuggestion

What is your autosuggestion

What is your autosuggestion

You have a program that you follow.

Like it or not it is your default way of dealing with things. It is shaped by your experiences and your interactions with people.

You can’t escape it.

It is part of living on this universe.  It is part of being born and moving through your life.

Many people don’t know or realize that they have a program.

It is only when you begin to investigate your thoughts that you begin to become aware of the way you think.

This is a revelation to me becasue as an educator I am in the business of  helping people learn to think.

Unfortunately we spend so much time on filling a person with information so that we can measure how much they know?

The time that is wasted and the useless information that is acquired could be directed to adopting a slight edge philosophy instead.

The book by Jeff Olson titled The Slight Edge enlightens us on how you can become successful by following a philosophy that allows you to grow towards success just like compound interest allows your bank book to grow.

To cut a long story short if you take a small action towards becoming successful every day then you are well on your way to growing up into a  success story. Once you start this early enough and take consistent daily action then you will attract success to you. This sounds definitely more beneficial than acquiring useless information to me.

What is your programming?

Are you taking action towards the life you want to live?

If not you are following somebody else’s plan for you.

It is never to late to reinvent yourself!

Start today by becoming aware of your thoughts.

Are they in line with what you really want out of life? Are you just being swept along by what other people around you think?

If you find that everything you do is designed to fit in please remember you were born to stand out.

How do you stand out?

You stand out by programming your own course and changing your default autosuggestion.

The easiest way to do this is to begin to concentrate on things that make you happy.

Start off with being grateful for all the things you have.

Yes, you cant change your autosuggestion cold turkey.

It will resist you. It is important to do it gradually through developing an attitude of gratitude.

This will assist you to appreciate what you have and bring more of what you are grateful for into you life.

As you emit positive happy emotions daily you will begin to create an autosuggestion that desires to be happy.

Your actions, thoughts and words will align towards seeking out what makes you happy.

Your awareness will also increase and you will be able to identify choices that will lead you towards being happy with the direction of your life.

Your autosuggestion will also grow towards doing things that will keep you in that happy state where everything you turn to just seems to be right for you.

It will not be easy.

You will be tested.

You may think it’s simplistic. If you were not happy before you tried this what do you have to lose?



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