What is your-self image?

What is your self-image

What is your self-image

Positive self-image is a key to success.

How do you think about yourself?

Do you like yourself, or are you your own worst enemy?

How you view yourself has everything to do with your ability to succeed. The way your feel about yourself is wrapped up in the term self-image.

Self-image can either be positive or negative.

People with a positive self-image are usually happy and confident, while people with negative self-image suffer unhappiness and low self-confidence.

They expect failure, and want other people to share their misery.

A positive self-image is more valuable than money because self-image has a direct impact on your earning ability.

A positive self-image is protection against the negative influences that would like nothing better than to steal your self-respect.

Life is very competitive. There will always be someone who wants to use you as a stepping stone.

The belief in your self worth will sustain your confidence when the competition tries to push you into a corner.

How do you build a positive self-image?

Stop feeding your brain negatives and start feeding it positives.

Don’t identify yourself with failure.

Understand failure for what it really is: an education. As Thomas Edison said when a New York Times reporter asked about Edison’s numerous failures to make a light bulb: “I have not failed 700 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 700 ways will not work. When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work.”

Get to know yourself.

Examine your strengths and weaknesses.

Every human is born with certain talents and abilities; that is part of our uniqueness.

A picture will begin to emerge of who you are and where your efforts should be directed. Use this information to form a definite purpose for your life.

Value yourself. Even if you believe that mankind’s existence is nothing more than a big cosmic accident that does not nullify the fact that you are unique and unrepeatable.

Value your uniqueness.

There is no value in comparing yourself to someone else. Your experiences are unique to you. Only you can decide how valuable you are.

As your self-worth grows you will use those value judgements to program your subconscious mind.

You must consciously believe in your self-worth, and you must use that belief to convince your subconscious.

Stop listening to the negative and learn to view yourself with positive images, and talk to yourself with positive affirmations.

Be your biggest fan.

Accept responsibility for your self-image.

Don’t blame other people for how you feel about yourself.

Don’t give other people permission to force you into a direction you don’t want to go.

Don’t let someone else define who you are.

Be skeptical of their motives. Resist their attempts to make you act in a way that is counter to your self-image.

You have control of your attitude.

Sometimes we forget that when we begin to feel the pressure from the demands of life. What has the most influence on our attitude? Our self- image. Self-image is the determinate of achievement. Self-image also influences the value (worth) you place on your existence.

Attitude is the outward expression of the inner image. Image is the core of what we are. You must love yourself before you can love other people. You can’t give what you don’t have.

As you look in the  mirror, what do you see?

Is it a person of value who can sleep comfortably in the knowledge that you are making a difference in the way you conduct yourself everyday?


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