What is your traditional Christmas celebration?

What is your traditional Christmas Celebration?

What is your traditional Christmas Celebration?

Today we started off the day by going to church with my mum and dad.

It was a relaxed simple service, yet it was powerful in it’s simplicity.

The lead up to Christmas Day is always hectic and no matter how organized I seem to be there are always last minute things  to finish off.

This year was pretty much like every year except for how lay back our Christmas celebrations were.

Once the morning service was finished we went to my parents house to exchange gifts. My children who are both teenagers now snigger when we mention Santa yet they played along as mum and dad fetched the  presents that Santa delivered.

My daughter was very proud of her monster nail coloring set and my son appreciated his movie voucher.

We all got in the car and drove fifteen minutes to my sister’s house where more gifts were exchanged and we sat down to a feast for lunch.

Very relaxing indeed as we chatted and enjoyed each others company.

It dawned on me that Christmas celebrations in our family are becoming rather predictable and seem to fade away without any real lasting impression.

Before you know it it’s time to go home and the whole thing will be repeated again next year.

My daughter Sophie and niece Alyssia highlighted the fact this year by thinking of some games we could all play. These were fun but didn’t last long as most people were just to full from over eating?

How do you celebrate your Christmas?

Looking for tips on how to combine tradition with excitement and something to look forward to next year.

Please share what works for your family and friends with our readers. I am sure they will appreciate it.


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