What makes people give up on their dreams ? never  give up on your dreams

Were you told not to dream as a child? Did you often hear people say day dreaming will get you nowhere. Were you told :

no, don’t do that!

Be careful.

Take care.

Did you grow up with a boundary of fear? One that surrounded your every move. Is it healthy to grow up fearing somethings or does it restrict your ability to create?

Some people may argue that a person needs to know their limitations and fear is a good way to keep them from harming themselves.

Our society is so determined to stop people from doing things. The laws and rules are designed to keep everybody safe and live in a controlled environment.

Who is doing the controlling?

Another school of thought suggests that we don’t need to be afraid, Fear only limits our potential to create the life we want.

Our imagination and creativity cannot fulfill their roles when we are afraid to dream.

So what makes people give up on their dreams?

You see the only thing that can stop you achieving your dream is to give up. When you dream and take action towards acquiring the life you want then you will always be moving in the direction that you want to go. So your dream becomes more of a reality each and every day.

The problem is that your conditioning and programming takes over and you begin to have doubts as to what is possible.

This opens up the floodgates for fear, self doubt and indecision to create a strong alliance. When these three unholy elements come together in your life then you become toast.

I’ll give you an example through my own story.

Life has a way of directing you towards your purpose in your life.

I recall that not long after my separation (which was nearly ten years ago now) I still remember  how low and miserable I was. Everything I tried to do just become one huge mess. I could not even get out of my own shadow. Not only was I scared but I had so much self doubt and indecision that it made me spiral down into a dark place.

Looking back now I reflect on that sinking feeling that held me down and made it awkward for me to get up again.

I took many years to begin building myself back up again. The journey of personal development and positivity  that became my reason to dream again was dotted with many twists and turns. It was difficult to keep moving forward.

I now know that it was all part of my growth towards realizing that life is amazing. It mirrors how you feel and that you are in control of the way you feel.

Unfortunately we become indoctrinated by the thoughts of others who have struggled to achieve the life they have dreamt about.

The reason for this is that they gave up on their dreams. Here is the paradox one that is very difficult to come to grips with.

The more you immerse yourself with people who do not believe they can dream and achieve the things they want in their own life, the less chance you have of achieving what you want out of life.

I see it all around me.

As a coach and a mentor I observe people who are afraid to take the bull by the horn and pursue their dreams. The excuses they use to sabotage their own growth are so creative, they even convince me at times let alone themselves.

The irony is that all of their creativity and imagination could be  geared towards obtaining what they want out of life.

Do you make excuses or take action?

Have you stopped to listen to what your friends are saying?

Where will your thoughts take you in five years time?

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