When is it time to move on

when is it time to move on

when is it time to move on


Are you trying to decide whether is it time to move on from something —

Maybe you’re contemplating a move regarding a job or a relationship? I know a number of people presently struggling with this decision, and it’s something we all face as we grow and change. But knowing when it’s time to move on can be tricky. These five signs might be an indication:

1)  You’re burned out. Burnout is reaching epidemic proportions in our country. So many busy professionals are just flat out emotionally and physically exhausted. No to mention being taken for granted in your job. For me it be became the many hours of teaching children face to face. There comes a point in your teaching career that the demands of the children and the job become overpowering. Just rocking up every day becomes a major  chore let alone having the energy and inspiration to enthuse and excite children about their education.

2)  You’re turning into someone else. I was married to the mother of my two children for ten years and realized that the stress and tension in the relationship was making me a totally different person. I was irritable and consumed with the tension and arguments. This created a heated environment for our children and in the end was the final straw to deciding when is time to move on.  We now have a much better relationship and the children are our number one priority.  Moving on does not have to mean being worse off or settling for less than you had.

3)  You learned the lesson(s) you were supposed to learn. When you feel stuck, pause and ask yourself what you’re supposed to learn from the person or situation. This will give you clarity on when is it time to move on. I decided to move on from a situation that was not providing me with any results. The lesson I learned after two years of working hard and developing myself was that I needed to get results. If I was not achieving any financial reward for my time and effort then was it really worth doing it. The answer of course was no and that ‘s how I knew when is it time to move on.

4)  The values you have don’t match up with what you are doing.  Teaching is an incredible profession when yo are allowed to really teach. When you really teach you make a difference with the children in your charge over the course of a year. Unfortunately education is also very political and everybody wants academic results. This is ok but when it’s all about the grades a child receives rather than really helping the student in all aspects of their life then you know when is it time to move on. The values I had of making  a difference in a child’s life was more than just a number on a test result.

5)  New opportunities are waiting for you. This aligns with the lessons you’re supposed to learn, for me it became a question of am I working on this mlm business for the love of it or am I doing it to make money. Once I knew the answer it was time to look for new opportunities. Once you begin looking for new opportunities they somehow present themselves in many different ways. I am now armed with the knowledge that I want results. Nobody wants to continue working and not get paid. So I will be using this new found mindset to evaluate any new opportunity that comes along and assessing it accordingly.

Moving on can be difficult. The longer you’ve been working somewhere, or the longer you’ve been with someone, the harder it becomes. Our brains often work against us, providing lots of evidence for, and reasons why, it makes sense to stay.

Yes this part was particularly difficult for me. You see I had built up a great relationship with the team that I had been working with for two years. My mentor taught me so much and I was still learning. learning and growing but that was not enough I needed to be paid for the work that I was doing. I do have two children and bills to pay.  As you probably know if you have been reading my posts I was a network marketer running my own health business.  Sadly though I enjoyed the work and the people I came into contact with the financial side of things was not a roaring success. I have been primed about delayed gratification and that you will see the fruits of your labor eventually however deep down I knew  when it was time to move on.  The amazing part is that it was the blogging and mentoring that I had learnt whilst working hard to make money as a network  marketer that provided me with the opportunity to move on. I will elaborate on this as I begin to see the results of my decision to move on.

I am now armed with a great deal more knowledge and a much clearer picture of what I want from this opportunity. This in itself will provide me with a head start and a much stronger desire to succeed.

Please share with our readers if you have found it difficult to know when is it time move on?


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