white hot burning desire

Do you have a white hot burning desire to succeed or does it fluctuate from being strong to weak?

Do you know the ingredients on how to fuel a burning desire into a white hot burning desire?

Part of the answer to fueling your burning desire to succeed is your own self belief and self worth.

The power of your mind will awaken in you. You will need a mastermind group to support you and clarify your vision for success. Your mastermind group will need to keep you inspired by positive clear thoughts or negativity can take hold.

If you do nothing you accept negativity and allow it to fester so you will be accepting mediocrity.

Does striving for greatness scare you?

Is it better to be mediocre?

No certainly not, you know deep down that to be mediocre is just the status quo. It’s what everybody around you knows and accepts.

Are you strong enough to break away from that negative pull and control?

You will see their strange looks, you will hear their whispered comments about what’s happening to him, “he is changing”.

They will not understand! It will be like they’re all stepping away from you as you move away from them. This part of the process is a huge part of clearing out the baggage and breaking the shackles of a controlling unrelenting environment.

Yet it maybe an environment that has yielded you so much.

  • Security,
  • love,
  • understanding
  • support

It has deep roots into your subconscious mind and your value system. It is hard to break free without a sense of guilt.

The guilt will be washed away and banished as you learn the lessons and hear the comments that come with greatness.

You will be able to thank the brilliant leaders that have shared their amazing insights for you to grow. The guilt will be banished because the realization will kick in that by letting your  light burn brightly you are in fact showing them the way to freedom.

They always have the choice to follow and make their light shine too, or they can wallow in self pity and wonder what the heck happened.

You need to have the strength to proceed and do whatever it takes to succeed.

You need to rise to the challenge of greatness and know that it is your purpose in life. Why are you here? It was not an accident and it was certainly not to be mediocre, so it’s time to crank up your burning desire to  succeed into a white hot burning desire.

Set backs will come and go.

The way you deal with them is the important part of the equation. Do you wallow in them, or do you dust them off and just get stronger?

Learn from the lessons of the past which you cant change anyway.

You may have wallowed in the set backs and taken a lot of time to get up again in the past. In the now it is time to  brush them off and move forward relentlessly to your goal of owning your life.

You will be secure in the knowledge that by being selfish and single minded about your white hot burning desire to succeed, you will be fulfilling your life’s work and leaving a shining example for others to follow  as a legacy. So there is no room for taking a backward step.

Thank you to all of those who are  have shown that desire is a white hot burning desire    

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