Why cant I | visualize

Why cant I | visualize

Why cant I | visualize

It is really all about what you mean when you say visualize?

Last week we began a visualization technique for our reinvention course. To be able to visualize is a skill we need to develop for our reinvention  into the people we were meant to be.

At first I did not actually to see the pictures in my head. I could feel and sense what was happening and I could focus on my breathing.

But the pictures in my head just weren’t there.

I was relieved when the presenter Larry Lewis talked about people being able to visualize in different ways.

I guess the term itself leads people to believe that they have to see the pictures within their heads in order to be successful at visualization.

Seeing the image is not enough for you to be able to manifest your picture.

It takes all of your senses working  in a united fashion to get the desired results.

It’s the feelings and emotions that raise the vibration level to be a match for what it is that you want to manifest.

Anyhow having said that as I  practiced my  visualization routine to the sound of Larry Lewis’ deep booming voice for a second time and a third time.  I had some aha moments.

In my previous attempts I was trying to control the process rather than allowing it to happen.

When I focused on my breathing many thoughts disappeared from my mind. Including the ones that said that I had to control my breathing and make pictures  appear in my head.

It was liberating to relax and allow the process to take place.

This time I didn’t over relax and fall asleep.

This is a major achievement for me.

All my previous attempts resulted in me relaxing very profusely and falling asleep.

I must have sleep deprivation or something.

The shadows and blurring almost like ghosting began to disappear this time and images blinked into my head. It wasn’t a movie and the images were not connected.

But they were there.

This was a major achievement.

Not to mention how relaxed I felt.

This definitely could be a major factor in my reinvention.

I am looking forward to mastering this technique.

I am sure with daily practice I can.

Want to learn how to visualize for free?

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