Why do you make excuses?

Why do you make excuses?

Why do you make excuses?

What is that makes you decide it’s ok to use an excuse?

How many times have you set yourselves goals and you have found a way to excuses yourself for not reaching them?

I see it around me all the time. It is very quick and easy to cast off your lack of success as somebody’s fault, not you.

It’s never you!

The question you need to answer is who is at the scene of the crime all of the time?

It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that people harbor the mindset of there must be a reason as to why I didn’t achieve my goal.

This sends them on a wild goose chase looking for excuses and other people to blame.

Many people get consumed in trying to find the culprit.

Stop doing that!

Why because you are in control! You are at the scene of the crime.

Take stock and become aware of what your inner critic is saying at the time.

I’ll tell you a story to illustrate my point here.

Today I had decided that I would go on a long walk. I would walk my dog and reflect on things as I walked.

I had every intention of doing this.

Somehow my inner critic says it’s your first day off in  the festive season.

Yes it was, so relax sleep in.

I woke up at 8.00 am two hours later than I normally wake up?

Then I hear that voice say you can take your time and write your blog with plenty of time to go for your walk.

The next thing I know it is 10 am two hours of working online and getting a lot of work accomplished that made me feel good.

It was my turn to cook. So I began preparing for lunch so I would have plenty of time to go on my walk.

Preparing lunch was somehow extended for an extra hour and this left no time to go on my walk before lunch.

That was ok because we all sat down and had a nice lunch.

After lunch the cricket begins.

I am a huge passionate fan of the cricket and suddenly I hear that voice saying

” You can watch the first session and then you need to go on your walk”

I bet you can guess the rest. I ended up watching the whole day’s play.

Admittedly it was gripping viewing as Australia had England on the ropes in The Third Ashes Test in Western Australia.

A win would return  the coveted Ashes Urn back to Australia.

So my excuse mechanism and programmed inner voice said it was fine to miss out on my long walk.

Talk about conditioning.

I had so many opportunities to over ride the programming that was going to enable me to find excuses for not going on my walk.

Yet I succumbed to the inevitable.

I was at the scene of the crime and I could have taken action to get walking.

Yet I procrastinated and found a way to excuse myself from doing it.

As I write about it I feel somewhat annoyed that I didn’t have the strength to over ride that built up excuse mechanism.

I know is not that big a deal.

Yet it worries me because it is a habit I want to eradicate and at times it is so easy to fall into the same old trap.

What does you inner voice say?

Have you stopped to work out when you are making excuses?


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