Why is our auto-suggestion negative

Why is our auto-suggestion negative

Why is our auto-suggestion negative


How does our suggestion become automatic?
How can we ensure that our automatic suggestion becomes positive? We all grow up with dreams and ideals, who steals these away from us?

What happens as we transcend the test of time? Why is it that negativity becomes such a dominating force in our lives? Why is it that only a very small percentage discover the success formula?

Transmuting desire ,emotion and thought into its physical equivalent seems like
fantasy land. Surely we would all strive to do this if it were possible, why isn’t it for the majority of people??

Why is our auto-suggestion negative

I’m really confused and frustrated as I write this post, my thoughts are scattered and I feel that it’s like a conspiracy one that is designed to make us all fail.
Programming, negativity, failure, jealousy, hatred, ego, lack, competition, one ups man ship and the list goes on and on. This seems like today’s reality.

Everyone has learnt to play it safe, don’t aim to high, you don’t want to get your feelings hurt. Who do
you think you are to have such dreams, do you really think you can achieve what others have tried for
so long to master?

Why is our auto-suggestion negative

We live in a world dominated by negativity, we over complicate everything. How can our autosuggestion be positive?

Everyone is trying to control our dreams, desires and our very being, it’s about conforming to the norm.

Don’t you dare break that mold!

The road less traveled is indeed very lonely! The question is why is it less traveled? Is it fear,control or security that make us accept this sense of inferiority?

These shackles of the past are loosening yet they still hold , I dream of a time that they would disintegrate altogether.

Why is our auto-suggestion negative

To do this I must employ my autosuggestion in a positive way so that it enters my subconscious mind.
I need to enter a world of like minded individuals that are pouring out positive self thoughts and thus positive autosuggestion.

I need to reprogram my mind so that it filters out the negative stuff and thus release me from its tentacles.

My positive self talk and an understanding mastermind group is beginning to bite and the changes are evident, however I’m not there yet.

Faith is the biggest hurdle to overcome, for without it our desire to be great is meaningless.
How can I have faith when I am surrounded with such negativity all the time.
Is it time to move to a retreat onto a deserted island where I can start all over again.
Maybe that is the answer, I could do my 30 day mental cleanse without any interruptions.
I could visualize positive things into my life
and tap into infinite intelligence at will.

Hmm definitely worth considering.

This would tackle the question of Why is our auto-suggestion negative?

Loddy Micucci.

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