Why mlm | professional network marketing?

Why mlm |  professional network marketing ?

why mlm | professional network marketing

why mlm | professional network marketing

Why mlm  or  professional network marketing ?Have you stopped to consider this question? Not only is it important for you to answer but is the essence of your success.


Steve Jobs new the power of why? Of course he was not involved in professional network marketing or mlm. However I am using his ability to know his why as an example of what is possible in all businesses.

Reprinted from Larry Lewis at Healthylifestylesliving.com “think differently”

Let me tell you the unbelievable philosophy he brought to business.  In Steve Jobs mind, people who buy Apple products are not “consumers,” they are people with hopes, dreams and ambitions. And Apple builds products to help people achieve these dreams. He once said, “some people think you’ve got to be crazy to buy a Mac, but in that craziness we see genius.”

So by helping them unleash their inner genius he won over their hearts and minds, and one thing I know is Apple customers are incredibly loyal to the brand.

Steve Jobs made sure that everything – from the storefronts, products and packaging delivered an experience to Apple customers, and through this he brought passion to the purchase. Not only does Apple give great service, they make their customers know they matter.

Apple is not in the business of moving boxes; they are in the business of enriching lives. What an amazing philosophy, and one that transformed a failing company into the awesome business and brand they now are.

Steve Jobs was an amazing visionary, whose accomplishments were truly remarkable and I believe much of what made him the success he was came from his extraordinary passion, He created products that made a real difference to people’s lives, driven by his passion to do so.


The Importance of a why mlm or professional network marketing

So exactly why mlm or professional network marketing? Think long and hard about this because a nailed why mlm or professional network marketing  is your ticket to success.

This an excerpt from success in ten steps by Michael Dlouhy.

Your Business Life Expectancy Is About 45 Minutes. OK. You nailed me. That’s an exaggeration.But not by a lot.

Ninety percent of new businesses fail the first year. And 90% of the rest fail in the next 4 years. THAT is tough.You’re excited. You start. A thousand things go wrong. You want to quit a thousand times.

Most people just quit. You need a strong enough reason to do it. Then if WHAT you’re doing doesn’t work, you’ll figure out some other way. But if you’re at all wishy-washy, you’re a goner.First thing we do in coaching is help you figure out your “WHY”.

Your Warm Market Has Ice In Their Veins.

A nailed “WHY” can save your life. Most people have a huge problem when they decide to improve their situation in life. That problem is one or more of the people closest to you will NOT want to see you succeed.


This is a FACT for virtually everyone on this planet, and you are no different. You can argue with me until you’re blue in the face, but that won’t change anything. There are people in your life who will be threatened when you make a passionate push to success. They will complain and criticize and try to
suck the life out of you.

Why? Because THEIR life is a mess and misery truly does love company. Your best option is to get rid of them. Next best is to have an AMAZING “WHY”,
a 99.9% “WHY”, that will keep you going through rain, sleet, snow, flood, pestilence, nuclear holocaust, or the criticism of a “loved” one.

So why is it critical you do THIS business? And why is it critical that you succeed?

How To Get “Staying Power”

People always tell their goals. Fine. You need goals. But your “WHY” is a big, big, big reason that will keep you going. Where’s your fire? What do you LOVE? What do you HATE? What is REALLY important to you? What do you REALLY want? What situation in life do you want to get out of so it never ever, EVER happens again?

It’s not goals. It’s not money, either. When I started coaching, people would write their “WHY”… usually money. They’d need to pay a big hospital bill, or replace a car. Whatever. But your real “WHY” is never money. It’s about who YOU really are. Your driving factor must be WAY more than money. It’s something you want … or something you want to get away from. Better yet, BOTH. If your “WHY” is a 70% and you come up against an obstacle that’s a
72%, you’re gone. You’ll drop out, disappear.

But when your “WHY” is a 99.9%, then you’re here to stay and be successful.


If you want to read more go to page 24 of success in ten steps. Download your own free copy by clicking on the link and providing your name, email address and phone number.

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