Why or why are you doing this?

Why or why are you doing this?

Why or why are you doing this?

Why or why are you doing this have you considered this question?

What will drive you when the going gets tough? How will you overcome the instant gratification

of getting paid each week?

What will make you excited about every minute of the day?

Read what a why is all about!

This an excerpt from Michael  Dlouhy’s free ebook success in ten steps.

You’ll hear me say this a lot. Network marketing is NOT a sales business.  It’s certainly not a thinking business.

It’s a LISTENING business. It’s a TEACHING/MENTORING business. This husband
& wife aren’t selling anything. That’s not just a line. Really, they’re NOT
selling anything. Today, they are reaching their hearts out to others who need

They are mentoring for free.
I exist to mentor & coach you to success. Not MY success. YOURS! Your success
is a beautiful thing to me. If I can help you create success, then my future takes
care of itself.

So my first bit of coaching is, figure out your own “WHY”. Write it down. Test it
mentally. (Will it keep you going in VERY tough times?)
More tips to help you pinpoint your “WHY”:
What does your family mean to you?
What do you want for your own personal growth?
What you want to accomplish in your lifetime?
What scares you to death?
What would it mean to you to help others change their lives?
What really excites you in life?
What REALLY makes you angry about your life?
What would you like to give the people you love most?
What really, really gets you emotional?
Get Serious – Email Me!

It’s critical. You need a strong, written “WHY”, to stick around long enough to be
successful in this business.
Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me!!!!!!
Maybe I’m just weird. But to me, there is NOTHING in this business more fun
and emotionally stimulating and satisfying than to poke around the dark recesses
of your psyche, spot old frustrations and vengefulness and crazed hatreds
and lustful desires and unfulfilled dreams and long-time, unachieved goals and
all that other wonderful stuff that makes us who we are …
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… and then HARNESS it all to help you achieve what you most want in life!
Look. You’ve been the EFFECT of this stuff long enough. Now it’s time to turn it
around and USE IT!

In fact, a nailed “WHY” is SO powerful, and I have seen it work so BIG so many
times, that I am absolutely unable to stop myself from helping you find exactly
the “WHY” that drives YOU.
WOW! I get REALLY excited when I dig into THIS stuff!
So when you’re happy with your “WHY”, email it to me.
We’ll talk about it.
If I can help you be successful … help you harness your demons and decide to
pay the price … then I’ll feel pretty good about myself.
Some People Wear Me Out!
On the other hand, it wears me out to work with someone who quits. I take it
personally. I wonder, “What can I do so this doesn’t happen?”
The answer I get? “Make SURE they have a “WHY” … and make sure it’s a 99.9
What motivates you to get up off the couch? What gets you to turn the TV off?
What would motivate you to call someone who has asked for information on
your business?
So my question is, “How motivated are you?”
Mentoring others gives my life worth and meaning. It drives me. For my
personal “WHY”, I need YOU to know how motivated you are to do
whatever it takes to be successful.
First step is to write down your “WHY.” And if you won’t pay THAT small price, I
want to know now, so I can spend my time with someone who will.

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