Why setting goals does not work.

Why setting goals does not work

Why setting goals does not work

Today I am writing about why setting goals does not work for you. It is easy to just shrug this off and say that setting goals does work. But think about it. How many goals have you actually seen through and achieved?

Have you kept your news years resolution?

Ok stay with me now, so does this mean that you should throw away the whole goal setting mantra that you have been led to believe?

In fact many people will attest to setting clear and achievable goals as the real difference between somebody who succeeds and somebody who fails.

Now I am really confused and you must be too.

Let’s take a proper look at this.

Many people are always setting goals, whether it’s done formally by following a goal setting process or incidentally like making a new years resolution for instance.

Here is the thing, we know it can work because we have seen it work in our own lives. Think of the times you actually achieved something worthwhile in your life. You clearly went out to make it happen and you took action to make it happen.

For me there have been many examples in my life where I made goals for myself and saw them through to achieve success.

My best memory is after leaving teacher’s college. My goal was to get a teaching job as quickly as possible. I was employed at the very start of the following year by a school in the country. Of course I jumped at the opportunity and had the best two years of my life. I was living away from home and working in two country schools teaching physical education and Italian. My ability to speak Italian was definitely one of the key factors to getting work six months and in some cases twelve months ahead of my peers.

The experience was very rewarding indeed. I made many friends and even won a premiership with The Kyabram Cricket Team.

Why did this work out for me so brilliantly?

The goal I set was in line with my talents and my core values. I took quick action to make sure I achieved my goal. You see I did not just think it up and waited for everything to line up for me. I made it clear to everybody that I would be teaching at the start of the new year. I looked far and wide for opportunities to present themselves. When they did I did not stop to consider how it was all going to work out. I just got up and did what was necessary to achieve my goal. This meant doing some further studies in Italian which later led to studying in Florence Italy itself. It meant moving away from home for the first time in my life. I lived two hours north west of the city of Melbourne Australia. It was a time to grow and experience life and I was ready for the challenge.

The key point I want to emphasize here is that setting goals will work for you if you choose goals that fit in with who you are and what your core values and talents are. Now mind you just having the right goal is clearly not enough.

You then have to go out and make it happen.

So go for it my fellow readers!

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