Wishing your life away

Wishing your life away

Wishing your life away

Wishing your life away is a common problem most people face. Most people continually look ahead to something more exciting and wonderful. Making plans and being excited about your life is great but are you doing it at the expense of what is happening to you right now?

Does setting goals and writing to do lists actually work in your favour or are they shifting your focus? Many people swear by these as great organizational strategies and tools.

Once again I am not saying they don’t have their place in our lives. But are these lists and goals that you have set actually allowing you to accept where you are at now?

I believe we all become consumed about what is coming up next and forget about how grateful we should be with what are doing right now.

If you hate or despise what you are doing right now, find a way to shift your thoughts to some positive aspect of it. Only by accepting it and learning to make peace with it, will you n begin to shift the negativity away from you. If you stay in a negative thought pattern you will only attract more of what you don’t like?

Once you are able to shift your thoughts to a more positive aspect of what you are doing then you can look at your options and perhaps look for something you enjoy doing.

At times it can be a mundane job that will take some time but it may lead to something much more exciting further down the track. I will give you a perfect example here. At the moment my business partners in the Uk and I are building e commerce shops. Our site “Healthy Lifestyles Living” is ready to begin selling sporting products. This involves categorising and writing about the products we will be selling. The whole process is mundane and repetitive, however we are all working feverishly to complete our shops so we can launch them.

The drive comes from knowing that once they are established we will have set up a one stop location for personal development and Healthy Lifestyles Living.  The satisfaction of encouraging people to get out and be healthy by using the information and the products will be very gratifying indeed and of courses so will the rewards for our  hard work.

My mindset could have focussed on the tedious work day in and day out as something torturous and for some time I did. This led me to procrastinating and wondering if it will all be worthwhile. Of course once I did this it made the job even more daunting and tedious. Luckily my partners were able to help me redirect my thought towards the end result. Now I am working away consistently and hoping to finish the e commerce shops within the next month.

negative thoughts

All it took for me to shift my mindset was a reminder of why we were working so hard at stocking our on-line shops. This is something you can apply if you are faced with something you don’t like doing or if your thoughts need to be redirected. Learn to accept where you are at and shift your thoughts to a positive way of looking at it. This will change the whole situation.

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