Your dominant thoughts determine how you live your life.

Your dominant thoughts determine how you live your life

Your dominant thoughts determine how you live your life

Your dominant thoughts determine how you live your life because your subconscious mind gets to work at creating situations that manifest whatever you are thinking about.

We have thousands of thoughts flashing through our brains. Most of them harmless. This is in fact a good thing, for if every thought we were to think happened then pandemonium would reign.

There is a school of thought that lean towards believing that if you fixate on a particular thought long and hard enough then it will probably eventuate.

Vision Boards

If you believe this and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that there could be  something in  this line of thinking, then you can use this to your advantage. Many people collect photos and display them on a vision board. This is designed to allow their subconscious mind  to think about the photos. This in turn gets the subconscious mind to provide opportunities for the vision to become a reality. Many gurus such as Anthony Robins, Randy Gage, Wayne Dyer and many more preach this message and encourage everybody to control what they think about. Once somebody realises the power of this knowledge then their life can take on whatever they care to think about.

Subconscious mind 

The subconscious mind is the memory bank. All of your experiences, cultural diversity, knowledge, memories and achievements are stored their. All of these come into play when you are confronted with making choices as to what you do next. The implications here are monumental. This probably explains who we are and why we all act the way we do. Many people can just got through life repeating the same mistakes over and over again. The results always seem to be the same. Are you noticing why? Yes you are right the programming imprinted on their minds steers them in the same direction.

Changing the direction

This is where life becomes really interesting. Most people never even find out that they have the power to change the information they receive. Our conscious mind determines what to send to the storage centre which is the subconscious mind. Are you seeing the possibilities here? If you are then you are beginning to realise that we can control how we receive the information and what to let into the storage centre. This is when you awaken boldly and life is never the same again.

How can it be when you suddenly realise that you are at the scene of the crime every time. In other words you can impact how your life plays out.

Man I hope you are getting this! The point I am trying to make is suddenly you can make a conscious decision  about what your dominant thoughts will be.

Negativity can be banished

The power of this is that you can banish anything that is negative and hasn’t served you in the past from your memory bank. How do you do it?  Think about what I wrote before. We have the power to allow  whatever we consciously choose to enter our memory banks.  So if we decide to only allow good positive things that will positively impact our lives, then presto we have switched our lives onto the positive channel. Suddenly our life can be transformed and it becomes a wow of a ride.  All of the bad things and negativity we were attracting towards us no longer can reach us.

How do we undo the programming of the past?

We can even undo the programming of the past by staying in the positive channel, This is where self talk plays a huge part. We are churning information in our minds all of the time. This is in the form of an audio stuck in a loop it goes around and around. If we don’t know how to control it, then it will always be about what is stored in our subconscious mind. Here comes the amazing part. It is simple to control. That is the process is simple. Taking the process to completion takes work.

It goes something like this.

  1. Work out a way for you to stay in the positive emotions.
  2. Lead with love in everything you do.
  3. Tell yourself  how wonderful a person you are.
  4. Love who you are.
  5. Look in the mirror and say I love you every day and really mean it. Can you do it?
  6. Work towards your goals.
  7. Build up a self talk that will pick up all of these points.
  8. Say it 300 to 400 times each day.
  9. Say it with power and emotion.

Here is the magic to change your life. If you can do this and continually build on it and improve on it, then you are paving way for good positive thoughts to become a reality.


Good luck with this and please comment on how it works for you. Does it make a difference in your life. Please share this. If you need any further information or guidance please leave a comment and I will gladly supply you with the information you need.

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