Your mindset is crucial for weight loss

Your mindset is crucial for weightloss

Your mindset is crucial for weight loss

Your mindset is crucial for weight loss this is like stating the obvious but have you really stopped to thing about why you put on weight?

What makes you make the wrong choices? How come you never feel really satisfied with one serve?

Your mindset has been conditioned to want more and to choose things which taste sweet.

It’s only when you stop to analyse this that you truly appreciate how powerful your mind is in all of this.

I remember a time where I would be looking at the serving bowl for seconds even before I was half way through my first serving?

Now as I chew my food slowly by placing the folk or spoon on the table until my mouth is ready for the next portion I don’t get through my first serving?

The beauty of this is that I feel full and satisfied with just one serving.

This has taken a great deal of will power and can be undone very easily if I allow temptation and the eating habits of others sway me from my weight loss goals.

At the beginning of 2014 I made a resolution to stabilize my weight so that It doesn’t fluctuate any longer. I am pleased to report that one month into the resolution I have manged to drop below 80kgs for the first time in many years. I am now on 79 kgs. I am very focused and determined to bring this below 75 kgs during the next month.

I am using vegetable juicing to replace my evening meal. This seems to allow me to slowly but steadily reduce weight.

As well as this I now only snack  on raw fruits or vegetables.

So far so good.

The best part is that I feel more energetic and alert.

Life just got a whole lot better.

This dramatically assist me with my other goal of

feeling good and being happy.

How are you doing with your resolution for 20014?

Please share your experiences with our readers.

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